Dynagirl has seen several incredible colorists grace her pages, and we consider each and every one of them part of the family.

Our first colorist for the series was Lisa Moore, who colored issues 1-3 and did a fantastic job. We loved us some Lisa, but she had to move on to some serious high profile work coloring Darkwing Duck, so we wished her the best. For more on Lisa’s amazing work, check out her website or her DA page, where you can really see her stuff shine!

Next up was Sarah Perryman, a fantastic colorist who jumped right in on issue 4 and really turned up the heat in a big way! Sarah has a wonderful style to her work and really brought out something refreshing in the book during her short time here, and while she didn’t stay with us long, she left an indelible mark on the series. You can check out Sarah’s ongoing work at her DA page.

Paul Little came along next, picking up the series and running at breakneck speed to color up issue 5 and most of issue 6. Paul was amazing to work with, fast, crafty, and a total professional. Sadly, for us at least, Paul is also uber popular and in high demand, so he just couldn’t stay as long as we would have wanted him to as time constraints began to bear down. Get over to Paul’s DA page and check out the madness he’s been up to lately, he’ll blow your mind!

And that brings us to the present day, and Ernest Jocson, a multi-talented genius with photoshop who has brought a sense of danger and  flare to the book when we needed it most. And what’s funny is, coloring isn’t even what Ernest does the most, or the best! Check out his DA page and get a look at just how crazy talented he is!