Real name: Amanda Waters Hughes

Powers: Proficient and high level telekinetic and pyrokinetic. Studies indicate she has an even broader spectrum of mind abilities yet untapped and dormant. At this point in her development Amanda can lift approximately 15 tons unassisted with her mind and can perform delicate procedures with minimal effort. She could easily lift, disassemble and then reassemble an automobile engine while watching television and drinking her morning coffee.

General description: 5’6” with amber colored hair, shoulder length. She’s pretty, in good shape, in her early 30s. Daughter of Linda and Harrold Waters, married to Jack Hughes. Amanda has three children: Suzie age 7, full powers unknown, but she has mind powers of some sort. Tommy and Jack Jr. age 12 (Twins.) Both have the power of flight and at least a limited energy projection ability, the extent of which is unknown.