Whew! Late again this week! Many apologies folks, once again it’s all on me as things here have been a big nuts. Sometimes life catches up and kicks you in the hind parts, and that’s what I’ve been going through in the last few weeks is all.

I’ll also take this time to address some concerns that have been expressed both here and in private about the future of Dynagirl in the wake of the Kickstarter that failed to fund. Let me be absolutely clear about this. Dynagirl goes forward regardless. Would it be easier with the infusion of cash the Kickstarter represented? Sure. But regardless of all that, we’re not going anywhere. We’ve been through a gauntlet of various trials and challenges and we come out every time stronger than before, so don’t sweat it. We’re here for the long haul.

When I wrote this script I kinda expected this to be some exposition we needed to get through to get to where I wanted to go, but as I letter it, damn is it fun! I’m digging this part of the book as much as anything we’ve done action wise that’s for sure! I will say however, there might be a bit of action on the horizon. :)