You gotta wonder how Kerri’s confidence levels are when she hears something like “well if this doesn’t work there’s no need to worry because there won’t be enough of you left to worry about!” Yikes! But that’s what I love about Bev. She’s harsh, and brutally honest about everything in her wheelhouse. Given someone like her, and someone like…Reed Richards who only tells you what he thinks you need to know, I’ll take Bev every time. At least with her you know the score.

I really love the way this page ended up from start to finish. The layout alone just rocks, the way the panels force you around the page. Harold never fails to amaze me. Seems like every time he sends me a page I want spaz out.

And speaking of that, I just got the final page for this issue in my email this week…and yeah. WOW. Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait!