Oops. That thing is NASTY! She’s gotta fight that thing? Yikes! I hope we have some back-up characters waiting in the wings!

To be honest, we changed the last three pages at the 11th hour. Originally, these pages had a much different feel. I could go into a huge detail, and cover why we made the changes, but in the end I’m very happy with the route we took. Sometimes it’s the right time to go a little crazy and push the envelope a little bit, and other times it’s better to hew closer to the hedge and stay the course. In these pages, we’ve accomplished every bit of what we set out to do in the original script and then some, while staying away from elements we really didn’t need to put in there in the first place. In the end I think we served the story better going this route.

All that being said, what a fun page! And we finally see the spirit of the volcano! I, for one, think the wait was well worth it! And just so you know, the crazy voice of the spirit was a complete pain in the ass!

I call the third panel “the volcano spirit is unimpressed” panel. :)