Ok ok so I told you last week issue 10 was done, but I wanted to slide this in somewhere and since we’ve kinda been steamrolling along since we got started with this arc, I couldn’t find a place to put it that felt right. So here you go! This was pure Harold Edge at his finest. Harold is one of those artists that turns out not just what it takes to get the job done, but also whatever strikes his fancy at the time. He’ll do one cover, then he’ll do three more just because he hasn’t decided which one he likes the best! Now that would be fine if he kept all that to himself, but he doesn’t! He sends me all this crazy stuff and says “Here ya go, we should find somewhere to use this!” So yeah, then it becomes my problem, trying to pick and choose between 3 or 4 awesome pieces as to which gets colored, which gets used as the actual cover, where to put the rest of it, the whole banana! It’s actually a great place to be in, despite how difficult it is to choose sometimes. Like I’ve said a number of times, I’ve been extremely lucky to get to know, work with,  and become friends with a guy like Harold. Not only is he talented, but he’s also just as much a comic nerd as I am, and an old school one at that. We mesh well, and we have begun complete each other’s sentences. That’s going to really show in the coming months, believe me.

For the long term fans, you’ve actually seen a version of this before. We had it up during our hiatus a couple years back, right before the great website crash. One of these days it’ll be a print, mark my words.

Oh, and we’ve got a winner! Folks, the new colorist for Dynagirl has been found and his name is Dijjo Lima! He’s incredibly talented and dynamic as hell. We think your’e gonna dig his stuff. A special thanks to all the folks who took the time to enter. I should have already emailed each of you by now, but I wanted to say thank you again, not only for sending in your submissions and participating in the contest, but for being fans of the book, and for supporting us along the way. It means more than you know.

Next week…things get crazy!