And yeah, she just punched up from below, raced above her, and punched her back down again! I LOVE this fight!

And now for some behind the scenes fun! As many of you have noticed the site has been just slow as hell the last few weeks. I’m really not sure if that’s a function of adding all the old pages back or what, but yeah, slow is bad. That’s what caused me to melt the thing down the last time, for those who weren’t here then. Not good. So, in an attempt to rectify all that without the meltdown we had last time, I asked for help from a guy way more knowledgable than myself, a former Navy shipmate Mark Jenkins. He worked his magic, and from what I’m seeing the speed has improved dramatically. So hopefully, we’re good. The other option would be to shift hosts, and I really don’t want to do that as I’ve paid this for the next…well a while. lol So shout out if you’re still having speed issues and we’ll see what we can do. And THANKS Mark!

Also, we made the MTV Geek’s top 20 webcomics Buzzfeed forgot to mention list! That’s right folks, Dynagirl rings in at a very respectable #14 on that list! woo!