Does that ship in the first panel look…familiar to anyone else? I’ll leave that up for discussion, but it certainly does to me! For whatever reason, this page was just a total blast to work on. I generally have a lot of fun when it comes time to letter the pages, but this one…I don’t know. It just seemed more enjoyable than most somehow. Maybe it was the clipping mask. Or maybe it was that I was hopped up on caffiene at 3am! Either way…

It’s funny, reading the comments from folks and seeing what people guess versus what we’ve got mapped out. The whole should she or shouldn’t she kill Glitch conversation running over the last few pages has been awesome, it really has. We put a lot of thought and planning into how this all plays out, so to see readers and fans going through that same process as the story posts, it kinda feels like we’re doing it right. Plus we’re having a ball doing it, so that certainly doesn’t hurt!

Content and dialog wise on this page, I think we’re seeing a turning point from rage fueled break her neck Kerri, to a more in control, and at least thinking before she acts Kerri. How that works out for her…we’ll see.

And a big shout out to all the readers coming in from Inkoutbreak and Comic Rocket! Inkoutbreak hit their funding goal with a lot of time left, so keep helping them out as they go for some cool stretch goals and really get the ball rolling! We really appreciate all our fans, no matter where you link in from, or how you found us. Spread the word huh?