You know, for just a second there, I think Kerri really thought she could talk Glitch out of tossing that ship on her! And ok, so not technically a battleship, but still it’s pretty cool looking regardless. :)

This page just blows my mind with how it flows. Harold did an unreal job pulling the eye around the page and giving us what amounts to a five panel SPLASH page in the process! The man’s good at what he does, no doubt about it. I didn’t have much to do here letters wise outside of the basics, but I did enjoy the last balloon a lot. I actually read a couple of mainstream books solely for the lettering, because it’s just awesome. One of those books is Aquaman, especially the first…20 issues or so. Nick J. Napolitano is just a genius with letters, so I’m ripping him off every chance I get!

So…does she fly out of the way, get crushed here, what? Taking bets!