Someone asked if Kerri’s attempt to get Stacy not to throw the ship at her was about the powers or about futility. I’d say futility. What I think is interesting here is how Kerri has dealt with the new powers. At first she was open faced rage, just wanting Glitch’s head. Then, at some point she either got a grip on the powers or they seemed to settle in, because she’s come back to herself for the most part. Now she seems in control, and Glitch just seems to be beating her head against the proverbial stone wall. The first panel I think really puts it into perspective. Kerri has been powered for almost her entire life, she’s been through the gauntlet. She’s been tested and tempered. Stacy…she steals other people’s powers, but not the experience nor the control, she’s just pure rage. It has been a complete blast getting to compare and contrast that dynamic, and we’re not quite done yet!

When I first saw this page all I could do was laugh. Harold just kills it. And Ernest, I think, is doing his best work yet. Suffice to say, when this issue is over, we’ll all realize we’ve been on an adventure!