Looks like Glitch is losing her composure a bit, eh? Dynagirl is about to show her just how dangerous that is, trust me! As a long time Spiderman fan, I always loved how no matter what was going on, Spidey always managed to make with the witty banter, and more often than not his constant taunts actually worked in his favor by completely taking his villains out of their games. Dyngirl is just naturally a smart ass, so it kinda comes naturally, not to mention she loves giving Glitch hell every chance she gets!

Loving what both Harold and Ernest are doing with these last few pages. The subtle details, the colors, the inks…it’s a ton of fun seeing these pages come in. I think there are a number of you that will really be stoked about next week’s page, put it that way. There’s really nothing subtle about it. 😉

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!