Didya miss us? We’re BACK! Thanks again for everyone’s support over the last couple of weeks, I know it meant a lot to Harold and his family.

One of the cool things about Dynagirl is that she’s pretty tough, so to actually knock her out takes a bit of doing. Even still, whether knocked out through force, or just sleeping, our girl has some weird tortured dreams. If you look back to issue #4, when she was knocked for a loop by Cane, she had a brief dream in which she was married to her boss, Nasim Singh, but when he turned up in the dream it was her old buddy Simon Hurst! Now for those of you who’ve kept up with not only this book but the Fallen Justice series as well, that’s a whole lot of crazy wrapped up in a dream! Then there was the sequence in issue #8 where she was knocked out by Glitch and seemed very sure she wasn’t anywhere near an island full of dinosaurs and her hateful little nemesis! So, since we get so few chances to play around in her head, I figured I’d take every chance I possibly can to dig around in there and see what comes out. We’ve referenced Kerri’s touchy relationship with her mother in the past, so it should come as no surprise that things might go a little deeper than we’ve shown thus far. I can say without a doubt we’ll be introducing her mother at some point in the future, and when we do, you’ll see first hand why they can’t stand each other.

Oh. And it seems that the lava form plus the battle have pretty much scrapped what little clothing she was wearing, eh? Ah the unknown side-effects of new powers!

For those of you who missed yesterday’s update, we’ve got a coloring contest going on, and the winner gets a permanent gig coloring Dynagirl! Get your entires in as soon as you can, because the field is gonna be tough!