Snuck it in under the wire this week, but I got it in on time! WOO!

Lots of fun exposition here for the most part, just catching up between the girls, all the way around. I love Harold’s work here, the subtle things really crack me up. Tonya’s face as it’s dawning on her that she’s seeing a long gone legend int he flesh! I had fun with the Elias bit as well. He’s seen some work in this arc hasn’t he? Poor fella!

For those of you that haven’t picked it up yet, make sure you get in on the coloring contest if you want a shot at the permanent job! March 15th will be here before you know it!

Also, Dynagirl Collected Volume 1 is almost complete! Many of you know I’m re-lettering the entire first six issues which will comprise that volume, so it’s been a bit labor intensive, but I’m on the downhill slide right now, screaming towards the finish line! I expect to be done and have it print ready well before the end of March. And in case you’re wondering, there have been some major changes to the way everything looks letters wise. There were always little areas where I wasn’t that happy with certain things, hated my placement, etc and I decided to take this opportunity to bring those letters up to date to where I’m at now with my lettering. The results, I believe, are very noticeable. Rather than have it look like I was progressing as we went through the book, it now sports one uniform look and feel, which is nice. So anyway, that’ll be coming your way very soon! Right now it’s looking like volume 1 will be in the area of 150 pages worth of story, behind the scenes madness, sketches and other sundries. So get ready!