Rats! I was kinda hoping Amelia would take her up on that offer and come back to the here and now! Can you imagine the culture shock though? There’s nothing in the air in our time that she’d even recognize let alone be able to fly, at least not without a good bit of training. I gotta think though, if she did come back you’d play hell keeping her out of a cockpit for too long!

We’re almost done with this one folks, one page left! There’s going to be lots of questions after next week’s page I can tell you that much, but that’s ok, because we’re gonna answer some of those questions in a very unique way. More on that here shortly, but I think you folks will dig it.

One more week, actually more like 5 days or so left till the coloring contest ends! We’ve had some incredible entries thus far, so get em in before it’s too late! Thanks so much to everyone who has already entered, I’ll be answering every email, even if it takes me a while!

Till next week, be good to each other.