Whoa. That was outta left field! Of all the guesses as to the goings on in the background, I never heard anyone question for a second anything Amelia told Kerri during her stay on the island. Lots of speculation as to the nature of the island, but everyone seemed to believe everything our historical heroine said. Now I’m not saying she didn’t have a good reason for lying…I’m just saying there’s volumes we just don’t know about her and what she’s done with the time she’s been on this island. Obviously she had a good reason to be very careful about revealing the existence of her family, even to someone she mostly trusted. Will we see more of this down the road? It’s entirely possible! After all, Tonya knows how to get there now, as long as the island cooperates.

Well the contest has come to an end, and we got some incredible entries! we’re still sorting through everything and deciding who we’re going to pick, so stay tuned, that’s coming in the next week or so for sure. If you’ve entered, we’re sorry, we got a little jammed up with some personal stuff is all. We’re going to be notifying everyone regardless of who won, so stay tuned for that.

Also, in case you’re wondering, that’s a wrap on issue 10. Over. Finished. Done deal. I can hear the screaming from here. 😉 Seriously, that’s the official end of this arc, called Power Struggle. I know it has ended with a BUNCH of questions left unanswered, and that was entirely on purpose. But have no fear true believers, we’re going to do something kinda cool in the next several weeks to answer at least some of those questions and get you ready for what’s to come! The end of issue ten also spells the last page of color work from our longest running colorist to date, Ernest Jocson. I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Ernest for all his hard work and effort on this book. He’s been a great asset to us during his time on the book and he’ll definitely be missed going forward. I hear tell he’s going to be coming out with some interesting things in the near future, so keep an eye out! We’ll post info for him here as we get it as well so you can keep track. That’s the kind of helpful folks we are around here!

So now what? Get ready, it’s gonna be fun! The last two years have been interesting ones for both Harold and I, and I think you can see that in the work we’ve been doing. We’ve been trying different things, playing around with style a bit, growing more than just a little bit. I can say without question Dynagirl has grown with us, and where she is now is a far cry from where we expected her to be when we got started. That’s really the point though, when you get right down to it. We all grow and change, and you either roll with it or you get left behind. What we’re about to start will be a sort of experiment, if you will. We’re going to do some things a little different for a bit and see how it feels. You’ll still get your Dynagirl fix, have no worries about that, plus we’ve got some really cool things coming down the line product wise that I think will really get folks fired up. The fun begins shortly!