Ah, here we are! Did you think we’d never make it? Nah, don’t sweat that. We’ve been through tough times in the past and come out the other side just fine. This interlude wasn’t about that as much as giving us a chance to step back, do some serious redesign work, and recharge a bit. You don’t realize at the time how immersed in the work you get till you have a chance to step back and look at it. For me it’s even worse because I look at the work so much in the various steps of the process I shepherd it through. So getting a chance to take that long look, see where we want to go now versus where we saw it all going 5 years ago…it’s important I think.

So what’s all this redesign stuff I’m talking about? You’ll see shortly, trust me. Dynagirl has been going through an evolution of sorts. She was going through this even in her retirement, she just didn’t realize it. But now, coming back from the island…dealing with the changes she endured there and trying to pick of the pieces of her life again, she’s gonna be different, and everything you see in the coming months will reflect that.

First, we kick it off with a two part story co-written with a good buddy of mine, Liam Bradley. I put out feelers for one shot type scripts several years ago when I was contemplating take a break to finish a novel. I got three. A two-parter from Liam, and a single issue one shot that’ll be issue 13 by another good buddy named Dino Caruso. At the time the sky was the limit we were totally seat of the pants, and I let them go crazy, within limits. They both did awesome, as you’ll see. The problem was when I got to looking at things, it felt disjointed, like we were headed in one direction and then suddenly boom we’re off in another without so much as a nod to what was going on the issue before. That totally wasn’t their fault, as they had no idea we’d be quite as crazy as we turned out to be, so to help with that I jumped in, tweaked some dialog, added some aspects to make transitions flow more smoothly, and we were very quickly back on track.

So yeah, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Things are about to get crazy!

As to the new cover…I love it. Most of our stuff thus far has been issue specific, meaning showing you at least a smidgin of what’s inside a given issue. Old school, in that way. With this one, I wanted something a little different, to kinda set things off a bit. As I said before, Dynagirl’s evolving, just as we all do to a lesser or greater degree, if we’re honest with ourselves. So in keeping with that, I asked for something classic but all our own at the same time. I told Harold I was thinking along the lines of DaVinci’s Vetruvian Man, but cool and modern as well, if possible. As usually happens, he rocked it. We had it colored twice actually! Once by our regular cover colorist SPLASH! which you see here, and again by our issue 4 colorist Sarah Perryman. I’ve got special plans for this cover, you see. More on that down the line!

Oh, and this one is titled “The Hard Road”. In case you were wondering.