Standard for the most part, with some notable tweaks here and there. Last issue recap, credits, etc. The observant will notice the addition of our brand new colorist, Matt Webb! Matt’s been laying down color on comics for 25 years, and he’s an incredibly easy going, nice guy as well! We like his stuff, and we think you will too! But wait, what happened to Dijjo Lima? Well, our schedules got jammed up and he’s engaged in another project at the moment. We’re still gonna have him do some work for us, but that’ll have to come later and on a different title. Matt has already jumped into the team with both feet and has made an excellent permanent addition to this book, so we’re stoked to have him! You’ll also notice a co-writer there, as mentioned before. Liam Bradley in the house!

Get ready. Next week things get going in a hurry!