Wow, has it been a week already? Crazy! Notice I did get the colored version of last week’s page up this past weekend as promised and we’re looking to be back on track as poor Matt has been chained to the computer pretty much since he set foot on the mainland again!

This week we’re doing a little introspective thing to kinda add to what we showed you during the interlude. There’s a ton of stuff that went on in the six months since Kerri’s return, but we’re condensing that to just a page here and there so we can keep rocking.We do show you a couple of new things you didn’t get in the interlude, most notably the death of Linda Waters, also known as Ms. Anarchy. She was last seen in a semi-comatose state in Dynagirl issue 2, after suffering a complete mental collapse during the final battle with Justice Theta. Those of you who have read Fallen Justice will recall that she watched her husband die horribly and pretty much snapped at that point. We haven’t seen much from her daughter, Mindfire, but we will here before too awful long, believe me. Linda was a very important person in Kerri’s life growing up, more like a mother to her than her own mom was, so it’s significant that she’s gone. I think it’s easy to forget that heroes do a dangerous job, and like anyone else, they’re not guaranteed any set lifespan, regardless of the powers they’ve been gifted with.

We’re also showing you some of the testing Kerri’s gone through as Emily tries to figure out just what’s wrong with her powers and how to fix them. That’s going to be a marathon rather than a sprint I think. :)

In other news, the first Dynagirl trade is officially complete and uploading to the print server as we speak! I should have more details on that by next week’s post, if not before. Finally! The second trade won’t be far behind, I’m on a roll!