And we’re back! I had a good bit of fun with the dialog on this page. That poor bar tender talked smack to the wrong girl I can tell you that for sure! Can’t wait to see where this leads. Something tells me it’s not pretty.

Sorry for the lateness folks, purely on me. I completely spaced what day it was today. For some reason I’ve been a day behind on the calendar for about two weeks now, and it’s driving me crazy. I’ll get it sorted. Juggling work and school again, and it’s wearing me thin is all.

Also! I got the coolest cover we’ve ever put out in my inbox last night! You guys are gonna flip when you see it, that’s how awesome it is, and it’s only in the pencils stage right now! I’d show you, but with what we’ve got planned coming up here shortly, I don’t want to spoil anything, so we’re going to keep this one under wraps for once. It’ll be worth the surprise, trust me!