Ah, we’re getting some good stuff here and it’s almost all without the letters! woo! Now we know a bit more about the mysterious “blue fluid” that Dynagirl has been sent to find, as well as a bit of Rex showing some weakness. Whatever that stuff is, looks like he needs it bad enough not to want to let it go without a fight!

I read through the script again today, just wrapping my head around what’s to come, and I gotta say I’m even more excited now than when we started this issue. We’re not quite halfway into this issue, as it’ll be a big larger than the standard 24 pages, but in the mix we’re going to give you some love, some hate, some tragedy, a bit of murder, a dead body, a new intrigue, and at least two more brand new characters to chew on, and that’s all before we drop the curtain on issue 11! One of the things both Harold and I grew up loving was the Claremont era X-men, in large part because of the intricately woven storylines you always got with that book. Sure, you’re rocking the main story, but there’s always these little things on the sidelines sitting there waiting to become big things. The X-men of that time was filled with dangling plot threads, red herrings, some straight up spoilers staring you right in the face, if only recognized as such farther down the road. I don’t think we’re near that sort of epic story yet around these parts, but I do believe we’re building to that point, with that goal in mind. What we’re doing now is setting the stage for something massive and fun, and the best part about it is, we’ve been doing it for 11 issues already and there’s already a ton of stuff in place.

For the new folks, if you haven’t read the now classic Fallen Justice, sneak on over here and enjoy that. It’s not required reading as such, because I think you can understand Dynagirl just fine without it, but it does matter in that sort of grand scheme of things, and as a vital part of Kerri’s history, it’ll factor in, no doubt about it. Plus, it’s a fun story, most of the folks that read it seem to enjoy it, and the fine folks at Comic Related were gracious enough to host it for us.

Have a most excellent week folks, we’ll see you in seven!