When I read the script for this page, I was a little skeptical, simply because at first glance, it’s never been Dynagirl’s way to go the subtle way. She’s always been more of the bull in a China shop sort, really, so seeing her going low key and trying to get her info without the wreckage…is a bit weird. Then I got to thinking about her time since she got back from the island and it actually makes perfect sense. She’s dealing with psychologists, anger management classes,  under scrutiny at work, and she really does have to evolve her tactics more than just a little bit. So with that in mind, I really fell in love with this page. I like everything about it, from the flow, so the dialog, the works. I do think it’s pretty impressive that she didn’t do more damage considering her son’s situation, but I like her growth, even if it’s coming along slowly. We’re going to be playing with that very shortly.