If I decided to give individual pages subtitles, I’d call this one “the lies we tell.” We’re still flashing back just a bit from our opening page, showing you what’s gone on during Dynagirl’s day, but this is a bit different. And we’re finally showing you her new boyfriend! You’ll see a bit more of him next week as well, so don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

A lot of planning and rearranging went into this page. It’s one of those pages I added to Liam’s original script to flesh out the story and set things up for the future. Long time readers will remember I’ve mentioned an expanding plot for a while now, and this is really just the tip of the iceberg. To say Dynagirl’s life is about to get complicated beyond reason would be a bit of an understatement. The new guy’s name is Tommy O’Brian, by the way. He’s a no nonsense homicide cop with an impeccable arrest record. Tommy takes his job very seriously, and like his new girlfriend, he doesn’t like to lose. That’s just one of the ways in which they are VERY much alike.

You’re also witnessing the first official crossover between Dynagirl and a completely bad ass comic called Stray! How’s that you ask? Sparta, the poor dead victim in panel one is a character by fantastic creator, friend, and all around good egg Vito Delsante. Vito graciously volunteered his character to appear in this crossover as a way to get things kicked off between several like minded indy creators. We’ve been looking to do something fun and interesting for several months, and due to publishing contracts and prior commitments we simply couldn’t manage to get the major project off the ground like we wanted to. So instead, we’re laying some groundwork here, in Dynagirl, for a much larger crossover event down the road. Also, Sparta won’t be the only new character showing up in these pages in the near future! Stay tuned for more of that action, it’s going to be a blast! And If you haven’t had the chance to check out Stray yet, you gotta get that book! It’s fantastic, and having seen a good bit of the behind the scenes on what’s coming, all I can say is, you’ll regret not getting in on the ground floor of this book!

Also, for those of you who were trying to hit the site today and getting weirdness, that was me, enjoying my learning curve yet again. The good news is nothing was permanently broken, just a bit of behind the curtain maintenance I need to do on a regular basis to make sure all is well. Navigation should be back up and running as per normal, but if you do encounter any glitches, please let me know.