And…we’re back in the present! I love the look on Rex’s face in the last panel, it makes me laugh. And I gotta say, I think under the circumstances Kerri has held herself in check quite well, but it looks like she’s reacher her limit!

In ‘just in time for the holidays’ news, we are offering some really cool new stuff just up this week! Over at Redbubble we have lots of cool products to choose from, both Dynagirl related and debuting a long awaited new project called Bloomin’ Faeries! Check out my Redbubble home page for that action. Additionally, (like that wasn’t enough?!) we’re also offering high quality metal prints of a select few of our favorite covers and other pieces. I’m still in the process of getting everything available, but you can get my personal favorite right now over at Displate! These things are seriously cool and very high quality. I can tell you first hand they look REAL good hanging on the wall! Also, a little elf just told me you can get 15% if you order in the next week!

Beyond that, I hope everyone has a most excellent Thanksgiving! This time of year lots of folks tend to forget what’s important in life amidst all the mad rush to get their Christmas shopping done, but please, just stop, take some time, and really take stock of what and who means the most to you. For me, that’s without a doubt my family, because I’d be lost without them.