The rumors of my demise are mostly generally untrue! Sorry about the delay folks, intentions were to keep rocking right along but life stepped in an had other plans. On the flip side of that however, I’m happy to report we had a wonderful holiday season, got to see a huge portion of my family, and got more than our fair share of snow! So now, on with the story!

We’re giving you that background Rex promised Dynagirl before they jumped on his bike, in case you’d forgotten. This, is Shooter! You will be seeing him again!

Also, got some great updates this week on a couple of AWESOME projects we have coming up! New pages streaming in from Talon, a fantasy swords and sorcery epic that we hope to debut in the early summer this year as well as new pages from the forthcoming Hotshot/Dynagirl crossover! This book is being produced in conjunction with Freestyle Comics and features art work by Hotshot’s artist Mike Watson, with writing by yours truly. This will be part one of a two part crossover, but the story will be self contained so you only gotta grab one book at a time. It’s been a blast thus far, and seeing these new pages coming in and the way Mike has upped his game, I can’t wait to see this baby finished! Let’s put it this way, Giant robot samurai, WW2 fighter jets, and dragons. Big ass, mean fire breathing dragons. It’ll be well worth the wait!