And here we are, the beginning of issue 12! This is the second part of a two part story co-written by myself and Liam Bradley. If you missed the last issue, stop right here and go back! There’s links in the side bar, and you can of course start way back at the beginning if you’d rather! We’re not picky.

You’ll notice a couple of things about these two issues. One, we’ve thus far avoided Dynagirl in her traditional costume since…way back when she crash landed on the island at the end of issue #6! Why? A number of reasons, but mostly because we’re playing around with some things story wise and it suits us to do so. Never fear, she hasn’t lost the suit, it’s just hanging up waiting for us to break it back out again. Two, we’re redesigning her look a bit. So yeah, you’ve been warned.

Next up the more astute among you may have noticed we’ve pretty much abandoned the standard 22 page format you see in long form comics. Part of that has to do with what needed to be added to Liam’s story to let us set up some of the things that are coming your way very shortly, and part of it was simply us realizing after 10 issues or so that we didn’t have to worry about the page count. :) So there you go.

The title of this chapter is “The Inexorable Second Hand”. I’ll let each of you decide for yourself what that means.