Standard fare here, not much has changed other than the addition of the new head shots. That’s more time consuming that you might imagine, but I’ve finally got it dialed down to a science, which you’d hope, after all these issues, right?

Lots of stuff in the works this week, most of it behind the scenes fun, but a short list goes like:

Back to work on my novel

Setting up the new statue project

Lettering till my hands hurt

Laying out the outline for the next 30 plus issues of Dynagirl

Finalizing the trades

Lettering some more

So yeah, I’m busy. But not too busy to make sure this one hits at least mostly on time! Woo! I think (said with a huge does of hope) that the issues with my posting bot have been ironed out. We’ve managed to keep it right on schedule for a few weeks now, so crossing fingers. See you in seven!