Anyone else wondered where Claire has been all this time? Believe me, she’s not been idle! Claire is FAR more than a girl Friday for Nasim Singh. She’s a very efficient and quite effective executive in her own right, and she’s not afraid to take control and make sure things get done, even if it means getting her hands a little dirty. She’s every bit the strong female character Dynagirl is, and maybe more so in certain ways. Let’s just say she’s never been burdened with a sense of self-doubt, put it that way.

We’re also giving you a glimpse into the inner workings of some of the darker crevices of NasTech here. Sure, they’re all Fortune 500 tech giant on the outside, but underneath where it counts, they’ve got a lot going on that very few people ever get to know about, including their corporate heroes.

Whatever those nerds found out last issue seems to have stirred up a hornets nest of activity, eh?