Hmm. Doesn’t sound like all is well here…wonder what she did to be all conflicted? Rex doesn’t seem to think it’s all that bad, but then he makes a living beating people to death in a junkyard arena…so he might be a little off in the morality department.

I do like the fancy chopper though. There’s a Pulp Fiction joke in there somewhere, I know it.

I loved this week’s colors, I think Matt has really taken over with his work on the last two issues, he’s adding a bit of nuance that I’m really enjoying to some already incredible art.

I’ll also say that there have been some interesting comments of late, some of which might be on the right track, while others are making assumptions about certain things that might be leading them astray. :) We’ll have more on that shortly.

As I write this I’m contemplating some serious changes in the coming months. Some of them here, others elsewhere, but I think in the end it’ll all be to the good. Be good to each other out there.