Whoa. Now that’s different, huh? :) Fear not dear readers, you haven’t missed anything. All will be explained in good time, I promise. Till then…ouch! Poor Kerri!

I’ve had a couple of people ask me about the significance of the title for this chapter, and what it might be predicting or foretelling, if anything. Without getting too specific, I will say that everything you see in this book means something. EVERYTHING. The quotes on the inside front cover pages mean something, even if it’s simply to set a certain mood in the mind of the reader as they start the book. With that in mind, this chapter is titled ‘The Inexorable Second Hand’ primarily because we’re seeing things change for Dynagirl on a fundamental level. As they say, time waits for no one, and eventually we all have to reckon with that ever ticking second hands as it chases us around the clock. Kerri’s had a great run of things, for the most part. She’s loved, she’s got a kid she loves dearly, and by most standards she’s absolutely a success in her chosen field. She’s the most powerful person on the planet at this point. She could very literally do anything she wanted. And yet, like everyone else, life seems to happen to her at the worst possible time. I think that’s why both Harold and I really love this book as much as we do. Not just for what’s gone by, but what’s yet to come. We are all forged by our lives in many ways, and Kerri is no exception to that. Will she be the same person coming out of that crucible that went in? We’ll see. Somehow I think she’s only begun to be the person she will become, and I love watching her transform.

In upcoming news, we’re making some changes over on the Red Handed Studios site here soon! For one thing, Fallen Justice is moving! We’re jazzing it up and shifting it over to the RHS site so we’re a little more streamlined on the admin side of things. We’re also very close to having things released on Amazon both for Fallen Justice and for the first two Dunagirl trades! It’s taken me forever, and I’m sorry for that, but I’m getting there.