What, you didn’t think Kerri was gonna let Rex have all the fun, did you? I tend to agree with her though, Shooter needs a serious lesson in manners! Something tells me he’s about to get it!

I woke up early yesterday and almost immediately got a message from our colorist Matt informing me of the sudden passing of Brynn Oliver. Brynn was an integral member of Highburn studios, a great bunch of folks I’ve known for more than ten years, doing work and sharing the struggles of making independent comics with. I never got to meet Brynn, but we have so many mutual friends, her impact on all who knew her is unmistakable. By all accounts Brynn was the very best of our community, making her loss all the more tragic for what might have been. Matt wanted to do something in her honor, and in keeping with that, we’re dedicating not only this page, but the entire issue to her. Our deepest condolences to Brynn’s family as they go through this impossible time. Hold those closest to you tightly every chance you get, because none of us know what tomorrow brings.