Ah man, I love the look on Kerri’s face in that third panel. She’s having fun even if she’s here for serious business. I think that’s the part I like about her the best, regardless of what’s going down, or how bad things get she still seems to toss a little fun into the mix. I don’t think Shooter’s gonna enjoy their talk at all.

As I type this I’m watching the tail end of Man of Steel, and kinda reflecting back on this week’s controversy with Frank Miller and the new Dark Knight Returns book. You know, if the original Dark Knight never gets made, I’m not sitting here right now, even typing this. I’m definitely not watching this movie, with this tone, and these characters evolved to this point. None of it. Point of fact, the very fabric of the comic industry would be changed in unimaginable ways. Love his work or hate it, you have to respect the impact Miller had and continues to have on the comics industry, both mainstream and independent. I say if the guy has a story, let him tell it. I can’t wait to see it!