Ah, the best laid plans! I didn’t intend for the whole convergence of comic and life to play out this way, but it seems like it worked out that way anyway. It’s funny, having kids and what you remember from one to the other. With my older son Logan, it seemed like we breezed through his early weeks without issue, to the point where those days are hard to remember five years gone. With Hunter, he’s been equally easy on us in terms of how he’s slept and been in general, but the days seem a lot longer, and I gotta feel like that’s only to the good. This will be the last one we have, and so having these early days seem longer, more drawn out, it’s awesome. What’s not awesome is how little time the longer days seem to leave for doing other things! And what’s funny is, just as we start to get a handle on a new baby on our end, Harold and his wife Linda are preparing to welcome a brand new addition on theirs!

Mr. Hernandez doesn’t look like he’s having a good day.