Welcome, to issue 9!

One would think, after all this time that I’d be over the whole “WOW” factor with regard to stuff like this. I mean seriously, how many times am I going to see a new cover and think to myself that’s the best cover we’ve ever done? But I’m so not over it. When I started thinking about what this cover should be, and the ideas for the whole thing started to solidify I dropped Harold an email and talked a bit about what I thought we should have on the cover. I do this from time to time if I have a specific idea, and since this issue kinda has some deep elements in it I figured I’d toss some ideas out there. Harold immediately came back and said he saw the cover in much the same way as I’d described, and even had a quick sketch of what he was thinking attached. When I saw the sketch I had a feeling this cover would blow people away, and he absolutely did not disappoint!

And the SPLASH! got a hold of it…and yeah, that’ll be a print that will be available from  the store very shortly. Kinda cool that we rocked this very spooky looking cover the day before Halloween huh? Yeah, I thought so too!