And here we go! Bev seems to be just as aggressive as she came off at the end of issue 8 huh? She’s definitely no nonsense, that’s for sure!

Tomorrow, for better or worse, I’ll celebrate my birthday. While I’m a year older, and at least theoretically a year wiser, I feel as if I’m growing younger every single year, like I’m getting something vital back somehow, an energy I’d long ago lost that I’ve somehow managed to rekindle. A lot of that has to do with my wife, and my son, who have become the center of my life in ways I never really understood until recently. Another part is the folks I surround myself with, in and out of comics and my regular work. I’ve always taken the selection of my friends to be something very serious, because if anyone can truly hurt you, it’s the people you let close. So as another birthday looms on the near horizon I find myself full of a restorative energy at a time when I could surely use it. Here’s to birthdays.