It’s funny, how things turn out. One of the prevalent themes we’ve dealt with ever since Harold and I started working together almost ten years ago has been power. Who has it, how it’s used, how it isn’t used, and the ethics of those uses and the lack thereof. Now, Kerri makes a very distinct dividing line between the power she thinks she needs to fix things, and the power Bev is trying to lead her towards. While I’m not at all ready to tell you how that all ends up, I will tell you that we aren’t nearly done dealing with power and the repercussions of how it gets dealt with.

Another interesting thing of note this week is voice. With the shift in the way we do things around here post the huge long hiatus of last year, we’ve gone from doing things the full script DC style to the Marvel style, where the plots get written, then the art gets done, then the dialog gets put in last. I know at times I’ve felt a very distinct fear that I might lose track of the voice of my characters, in some way lose their souls in some way. After looking at this page, the ones that come before, and the ones directly after, I’m not at all worried about that anymore. We’re clicking in a big way, and if you believe that just a little bit you’re gonna get your mind fully blown here in the next few weeks. Talk about fun!