Last week I talked about voice, and I think in this page it really comes home just how real these characters are. Kerri is obviously now far more concerned about her immediate future than she’s let on prior to this, and Bev shows a very real sense of her true world view. It’s the little things that I love about doing this stuff, it really is.

And you know, you really gotta feel for Amelia. Poor girl is straight out of the 1920s, regardless of how much weirdness she’s endured since she crashed landed here on the island. Shaking volcanos, voodoo witches, and evil little flying chicks trying to kill her…must kinda be stressful, huh?

Oh, and…there’s pretty big announcement coming up here very shortly. Can’t say much more than that right now, but believe me, it’s big!

But the cool thing is, I CAN  tell you about an even bigger announcement right now! As of just after 11am Eastern standard time yesterday (December 10, 2012) we warmly welcomed a brand new member of the Red Handed Studios family! Harold and Linda Edge brought a little guy named Olorin into the world! We couldn’t be prouder and wish the new parents as much joy and happiness with their little guy as my wife Victoria and I have had thus far with ours. Kids are an amazing breath of fresh air in an often dark and confusing world. They tend to provide a sense of clarity and purpose that is rarely found anywhere else. Congrats again Harold and Linda! And welcome Olorin! Well met indeed young man!