So the die is cast and the journey into the volcano begins!

As a kid, and in fact all through my life I’ve always been kinda fascinated by volcanoes and the power they hold. I mean, how massive a force do you have to be to emerge from the center of the Earth and spew forth molten rock and metal! That’s good stuff right there. Another place some pieces of this story come from is my love of elemental type manifestations and powers. At one point, playing Villains and Vigilantes and then later Marvel Superheroes, it seemed like I couldn’t get away from elemental based characters. Dervish started that way, and poor Shockwave, as well as a great many others that haven’t seen the light of day yet. It was always what drew me to characters like Terra and the Thing. There just something so damn cool about powers gifted from the Earth. I guess they make sense to me somehow.

And yes, that is in fact a blatant Indiana Jones reference. I love me some Indy!