This page, and a lot of what’s about to follow is pretty much a culmination of things from various influences we’ve been exposed to over the course of the last 35 years or so, give or take. It’s got some Yoda on Dagobah, it’s got some Mr. Miagi waxing on action, and hell it’s even got some Jor El (Brando version of course!) speaking from the distant past, or distant future, depending on your interpretation of warp theory. But while we’re definitely rocking some influences here, I think we’re also giving you a ton of character stuff here. Stuff we’re putting in place for a very specific reason, and with lasting consequences. If you know nothing else about us by now, it’s that we don’t do things just to reverse them two issues later with some goofy retcon shower scene. That ain’t happening here folks, not even a little bit. So keep your eyes peeled and your noggins tuned, because things are about to get downright crazy up in here!

Bev’s showing us some serious magic finally huh? Believe me, she’s everything that she’s been billed to be and far more. Scary chick!

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