Not sure if you noticed, but on page 9, Bev is killing some sort of small animal, and now she’s rocking some personal pain and blood into the mix. As our witch would say “Dat be some powerful magic!” Something tells me that something more is gonna be rough!

Well, we’ve still got three days of course, but I don’t see us funding the Dynagirl Kickstarter. And yeah, that kinda sucks, because we’d really hoped to have that boost to keep things going as they have been. What does it mean? Right now, it means we play things by ear and do as we can. If that means a hiatus, we’ll cross the bridge when we come to it, but stick with us, cause we aren’t going anywhere!

Also, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported us with the Dynagirl kickstarter, either via direct funds, spreading the word, or both. We deeply appreciate it. To show you guys how much we appreciate it, we’re sending every single backer the full length new story in digital format, whether we fund the project or not. I’ve always felt like regardless of what happens, the folks that came out to help us deserve something. We’ll also be making a huge public thank you page as well. We don’t ever forget our fans!