“You sure you want to get involved in this?” Fred asked her for about the hundredth time.

“No question,” She answered. “Yes.” She hoped she sounded more confident than she felt, but she doubted it.

“Dere be other ways ta handle dis problem.” Bev, always the optimist, chimed in.

“No more dark magic! I think the island has had enough of that to last us a good long while.” They’d been over this ground several times and it always came back to this. An uncertainty, but also a feeling she was right, at the core of things.

“Still, we can’t stand by and do nothing. The tribes may have run wild under Glitch’s rule, but that can’t be allowed to continue.”

“Yeah, I agree with you sweetheart, you know that. I’m just not sure how we get from they’re a problem we need to deal with to making that happen is all. Last I recall none of us has the sort of raw power that gave that girl control.”

She stood for a long time and just stared down into the valley. It was beautiful unlike anything she’d ever seen in all her years of flying all over the planet. She’d seen jungle before of course, and rivers galore. That wasn’t it, though. This island, her island, had a quality about it she couldn’t quantify. It was the feeling that made one place home above all others, that comfortable old coat feeling you couldn’t get anywhere else, no matter how long you stayed away. This was her home. It was where she’d fought prehistoric beasts unlike anything seen in the short history of human kind, and lived to tell the tale. It was where her friends, her family, and her life were rooted, and she’d be damned if a bunch of warring bloodthirsty tribes were going to…

“What?” Fred said suddenly as she turned to look at him with a grin. “Amelia, you know I hate it when you get that look.”

“What look she have?” Bev asked, curious as she watched Amelia with a growing sense of concern.

“Ah, hell. I knew it.” Fred finally said. “She’s got it worked out in her head, sure as we’re standing here.”

“Dis be true? Ya know how we gon deal wit dees crazy wild men?”

“Yeah, I think I do.” Amelia answered simply.

“Oh no. Hell no. It’s not that easy by half and you know it. That look doesn’t just say she’s got it figured out, Bev. That look says she’s got crazy plan that has a better than average chance of getting us all in deep up to our eyeballs!”

Amelia laughed then, hard and deeply. She grabbed her daughter Janet and hugged her close, because she knew Fred was probably right. Her plan was more insanity than strategy, and it would require more than a little bit of luck. The odds said there was no way she could pull it off and live to tell her grandchildren about it. But then, if she didn’t at least try, she’d never have grandchildren at all. It was worth it. There was no more isolation, no more sequestering themselves off on their own little parcel and just living apart. Glitch had changed everything, the entire dynamic of the island had shifted. And now they had to deal with it.

“Spill it.” Fred said finally. He’d always been the most steadfast man she knew, even before their unlikely journey reduced her dating pool dramatically. He didn’t shake easy, and she could always count on him, even if he went kicking and screaming, he’d follow her no matter where she went. It was a good quality to have, because she’d need him.

“It’s easy, really. As you say, we don’t have the power to conquer the tribes like Glitch did, and yet we can’t simply allow them free run of the island now that they’ve seen what they can accomplish as one large organized unit. They have to be stopped, and contained.”

“And you know how to do that.”

She turned back again, and looked out over the valley one more time. She might never again see it quite this way, this pristine. Some outcomes were worth the risk.

“Yeah. Like I said, it’s easy. We’re going to start a civil war.”