Case File Subject: Operative 112, Codename: Glitch

Status: Disabled pending further evaluation of power scope and reported mental instability.

Case Update Report: Follows

Authorizing Agent: Claire Daniels

It is difficult to express just how disappointing the entire Glitch operation (termed Operation Throwback) turned out to be. Our psychiatry division completely failed to indentify her underlying mental instability, while our powers division vastly overestimated her ability to adapt to and control higher-level powers like the ones she stole from Dynagirl during this…fiasco. What should have been a very simple test of Dynagirl’s existing power levels and an attempt at accurately gauging her fitness in high stress field combat scenarios quickly turned into what can only be described as a nightmare scenario in every sense of the phrase. Almost immediately upon being placed on Temporal Island Glitch began subjugating and torturing various tribes that have grown and thrived there over the centuries. These tribes, while well outside what modern society would call acceptable in terms of their societal and cultural norms, had achieved a sense of balance and relative peace amongst themselves. All this changed when Glitch arrived and brought them to heel.

It is suspected, but currently unproven, that Glitch somehow managed to hide a heretofore unknown expansion of her power package, most notably her new found ability to hold stolen powers far longer than she had ever demonstrated in the past. Our science division now believes, after reviewing several months worth of observational recordings, that she was in fact holding powers in secret the entire time she was in house here in the main facility, effectively lying to us the entire time. Once we released what we thought was an unpowered and more or less stable Glitch onto the island she then quickly moved to build her power base and put her own plans into motion. Needless to say these plans did not at all mesh with those of the NasTech Corporation.

The resultant fallout from this failed operation is massive. We now have an operative in an induced coma that we know very little about, and without a great deal more testing we cannot afford to wake her up. From the mission debriefing we managed to get from Dynagirl, Glitch was overloaded with a massive amount of energy, causing something along the lines of a feedback that knocked her out. This also seemed to strip her of the powers she had stolen from Dynagirl, returning them to their original owner. What powers Glitch may have beyond her original package remains unknown, and it is a very dangerous unknown to have. It should also be noted that even without any other stolen powers, her own package is extremely dangerous, especially in light of some of the operatives we have in and around the facility at any given time. If she were to access Mindfire’s powers, for example, and manage to unlock even another tenth of their potential the results could well be catastrophic.

For these reasons I strongly recommend we immediately move Glitch to the Freezer and halt all further local testing on this subject until we gain a far better understanding of how her powers work, and what, if any, residual powers she may have stolen from other subjects might remain in her arsenal. If this subject were to escape into populated areas the resulting destruction and death toll would be devastating to NasTech’s corporate image, and this is something we must work diligently to ensure never happens.

It has come to my attention that Dynagirl has taken a special interest in a possible rehabilitation program for Glitch and has approached more than one senior technician on this subject in the last several weeks. From this point forward all such requests are to be routed through my office and no further discussion on this matter is to take place. Company non-disclosure agreements are fully in effect.

In the coming months we will continue to evaluate our failures with this operation, and we will strive to mitigate the mistakes we’ve made here. As part of our in house risk assessment team, I will be personally handling this investigation, and will ensure this never happens again.

Claire Daniels

Chief Operations Agent, NasTech Sci-Ops Division