as excerpted from the interoffice memoranda allegedly generated by Claire Daniels in her capacity as Chief Operations Agent, NasTech Sci-Ops Division. What follows is un-redacted for clarity purposes and should be considered classified at the highest possible level, eyes only.


Subject: Dynagirl case file: Operation Throwback follow on report.

As part of our ongoing effort to classify and gain further understanding of  Dynagirl’s powers, both from a generational as well as an operational standpoint, we have placed her under an increased level of scrutiny. The agents responsible for primary surveillance report a high degree of confidence in their cover, and have supplied invaluable information related to the current state of the subject’s mental and physical state. The primary residence has been equipped for 24 hour observation complete with color cameras and 4 channel sub vox audio.

Based on approximately 22 weeks of constant observation the agents in charge have the following conclusions:

-Previous reports of subject’s power levels are either drastically underestimated, or subject has undergone some sort of power enhancement outside of observational confines.

-Previous claims that the subject holds a fine degree of control over her powers have also proven false.

-Subject has made no attempt to report these changes in her power status, in direct violation of her NasTech contract.

-Subject presents an as yet unclassified set of powers unseen prior to her confinement as part of the Operation Throwback experiment. These powers are in addition to her original power set.

-The new power set also constitutes a failure to disclose under the stipulations of the subject’s NasTech contract.

The agent in charge has filed an extensive report filled with anecdotal evidence spanning several hundred pages, as well as approximately 150 hours of relevant video relating to various power flare-ups or obvious loss of control incidence. It is worth noting that these incidences have tapered off significantly from where they were when we began round the clock surveillance. The obvious conclusion here is that, for one reason or another, Dynagirl has begun to relearn the fine control over her powers she has had since she first began operating as a hero.

Additionally, the psychological evaluation we ordered has resulted in some interesting but not unexpected results. Kerri Masters, for all intents and purposes, is quite normal for a woman her age with a relatively stressful job and home environment. She does not present any known psychosis as defined by the therapist we contracted, and he does not recommend her for continued treatment, despite his reservations as to her complete truthfulness in all areas. For the purposes of the evaluation we factored in her natural tendency to mistrust new people, especially males, and took this into account when handling his report.

In conclusion, we are essentially back to square one with regard to our further understanding of this subject. We were unable to obtain any genetic samples from the subject due to the complete failure of Operation Throwback, and now have an even lesser understanding than we had previously of her powers and where they originate from. All attempts at accessing the Werner Institute data banks have also failed, despite our best efforts on that front.

It is my recommendation that we continue observation for the time being while we institute the next level of protocols focusing on her son, Daniel Murphy. While he shares only half of her genetics, he also possesses his father’s genetics, and could well prove to be an even more suitable subject for study and replication than his mother. It should also be noted that due to his young age and limited experience he should, in theory, be a far more pliable and controllable subject should things progress that far.

This memoranda should serve as authorization for advancement of the Icarus Project in all aspects under my direct supervision. Any and all reporting should be routed directly to my desk without delay.

Claire Daniels

Chief Operations Agent, NasTech Sci-Ops Division