Bam! Issue #10 in the house! We’ve got a couple of variants on the same cover, one with a darker lava, one with some different background action going, but this one seemed to be the coolest over all of them, so that’s where we went.

So what the hell happened to Dynagirl?! I think way back when we got started with this arc I might have mentioned we were about to put her through the wringer and see what she’d end up like on the other side. While she’s definitely changed at this point, we’re just getting started with how screwed up her life’s about to get. The new powers are going to be a wild ride, no doubt about it, but that’s just scratching the surface. Gonna be fun!

Huge props to both Harold and SPLASH on this cover. It’s definitely tied with the cover to issue #7 as my favorite, and at least right now, I think this one is winning by a nose.

And you know…I’d sure hate to be at the other end of whatever she’s headed towards! She kinda looks upset.