In almost every mob style gang you seem to find that one guy that you think, ‘hey, this guy might not be so bad.’ I don’t know if this is that guy, but I will say he’s at least smart enough to know he doesn’t want to piss off a kid who can rip steal bars with his bare hands. Daniel, for me, is just now starting to really blossom as a character. He’s always been fun for us to deal with, but I think going forward we’re going to see Daniel as less a kid and more a viable and vital character involved in the story. Sure, right now he’s the kidnapped kid, but still he’s gaining importance!

In other news…it’s good to be home! We’re anxiously anticipating having a winter for the first time in a long time this year. The pumpkin patches are growing, the corn mazes are being cut, and we can smell fall in the air. Good times!

Also, if you’re one of those awesome angels who love to support independent comics, slide on over to Dino Caruso’s Kickstarter and check out his brand new project! Dino’s not only a good egg, he’s also co-writing the next issue of Dynagirl!