Generally speaking, I don’t like giving too much away, because that’s part of the fun, seeing things as they reveal and the reactions and such we get from the folks reading this book. But today, I got a page in my email that probably hit me about as hard as any page I’ve ever seen come in, and I wanted to share that, at least partially, as I first saw it. Even people with casual knowledge of me know that I really dig post-apocalyptic type stuff. I’m a student of history, both past and future, and so stories like this tend to fascinate me to no end. That is in large part why we ended up doing this whole Dinosaur Island story arc, because we wanted to take her back to her roots, to where it started in a way. At the same time, I thought what better way to do that than to take ME back as well, to where I started reading comics, and where they became an indelible part of who I am. When I got the page today all I could think of was “Wow. It looks like they’re standing at the edge of the world as it all comes to a horrible end.” Powerful stuff, in my opinion. Powerful for the characters certainly, but also for me, because I think it makes a statement about where we’ve come in this whole process, and where we’re going.

I also wanted to show you this because it will never again be quite like this. Harold has already begun inking it, which will undoubtedly change it, and then again it will shift slightly when it’s colored. Here and now, it’s rough, and raw, and it feels to me like an almost open wound somehow. So enjoy. I know I am!