That’s right folks, it’s that time of year again, time for one of the truly coolest experiences in all of comicdom, the New York City Comicon! This year our good friends over at Comic Related are going to have a seriously HUGE spread across three tables. They’re gonna be set up with live streaming, podcasting, interviews, and all sorts of coolness for people who love comics and want that real connection to the industry that you just can’t get anywhere else. Chuck Moore and his cohorts have been at this a good long while now, they know their business, and they bring the fun back to hitting shows like this. Comic Related will be set up at tables Z13, Z14, and Z15 for the whole weekend!

But wait, there’s more! (You knew that, right?) Dynagirl artist, wild man, and all around good egg Harold Edge is going to be at the NYCC securely ensconced in the Comic Related booth signing, sketching, selling his brand new sketchbook and generally connecting with folks all weekend long! That’s right people, you can get you some no joke original art right there in person! So go out, have a great show, meet Harold in person and tell him how awesome he is!

Then come back here and get ready, cause things are about to get…crazy!