In case you guys were wondering, things have been busy behind the scenes around here! After I discovered some much needed spare time, I stepped up efforts to get some pending projects tied off and finished, which resulted in the aforementioned graphic novel 48, as well as making the last few issues of Dynagirl available for folks who want print editions!

As long time readers are aware, in the past we had the issue ready for print almost on the very day we posted the final page, but things have been hectic in the last couple of years and that was one of the items that got pushed back. Now, that’s done! So that’s right, you can in fact get every single back issue of Dynagirl in print over at our Indyplanet Store! I’ll also give you the links here to make things easy!

Dynagirl #6

Dynagirl #7

Dynagirl #8

Just like the rest of the books, these new issues will also be available very shortly in digital format, for those that want them like that.

So what’s next? Well I’m sure you’ve noticed that I didn’t post a link to Dynagirl #9 as of yet. That’s because we’re still posting that one! No fair peeking! That’ll be ready to go when we wrap this issue, so keep on the lookout, and I’ll post here as well to let ya know.

Also, I’m hard at work putting together the long awaited Dynagirl Trade paperback entitled “Reap the Whirwind”. I hope to have that available in the next couple of months for sale, so stay tuned, because it won’t be long!

Oh, and for those of you who just can’t get enough of sneak peeks and such, you might want to head over to Facebook and like the Dynagirl page, because we always seem to be breaking news over there that you can’t find hardly anywhere else. Like…the in progress cover to Dynagirl #10!