It has been an interesting week, for a lot of reasons. I could tell you all about the weirdness at “work”, or the various travel adventures I’ve experienced, but I’ll spare those of you with sensitive stomachs or tender sensibilities. The gist is, I survived, and along we move.

One thing I will address is a misconception that somehow managed to be drawn about Dynagirl, the website irregularities, and our kickstarter.

A couple of months back, as anyone who shows up here with any regularity knows, I crashed the absolute hell out of the website. No one else to blame but me, no doubt about that. I had the best of intentions and was honestly trying to make things better and it just…didn’t work out for me. The good news about that is that I learned what not to do next time, and I ended up with what I feel like is an infinitely better site that’s far faster and better looking IMO. I’m sure opinions vary about some of that, but that’s natural.

As part of the site reconstruction I opted to put up as much as I could get up as fast as possible and leave the rest for later, when time allows. That’s what I did, and that’s where we’re at. I simply haven’t had time to go back and build in those old pages as of yet.

Near the end of December, Harold and I decided to go forward with a kickstarter project to help alleviate some financial roadblocks to us getting the book out there to more people. As I’ve said before, it wasn’t something we had ever intended to do prior to me losing my job, but life happens and when faced with a problem we had a number of unpalatable choices to make. We both decided that among the choices available, running a kickstarter program to try and boost our printing plans and keep things going as they have been seemed to be the best choice. Doing the kickstarter was in no way tied to or influenced by anything that happened with the website, it just happened to be a happy coincidence that we got to take advantage of.

This week, I got this comment on the most recent page:

“Are you guys ever going to put the old issues back online? Seems kind of beet to take them down only put up a kick starter to get back issues in print.”


First off, as to the word “beet”…that’s not even a word in the context in which it was used. I’ve looked.

Second, as I’ve explained before, and again directly above, there were no machiavellian machinations as to what happened with the website and the kickstarter. It simply worked out like that. If you have somehow built all this up to be some sort of conspiracy type thing, sorry, you’re sadly mistaken.

Thirdly, and probably most importantly, why would it be an issue if we DID in fact take the pages down prior to the kickstarter? Seems to me the pages belong to us to do with as we please. Lord knows they were up for over two years for anyone to read through at their leisure, is it my fault someone missed them prior to me crashing the website? No. It’s also not my fault that the time hasn’t presented itself for me to put them back. I have a life, a family, a job, and all sorts of other madness pulling at my time and more often than not I’m lucky just to get this week’s update up on time. It seems to me to be pretty smart, honestly, to take the pages down prior to printing and putting them out there, at least from a marketing standpoint. I wish I’d thought of that on purpose, but I’d be lying if I said that. Like I said, happy coincidence.

I’ll close with this and leave it at that. I don’t mind criticism. In fact I welcome and embrace it. I’m not perfect, and I never will be. I’ve misspelled dialog and been called on it, in Russian no less. I’ve been known to call out my own horrible lettering at times, and I’ve made steps to correct that. I’ve been late as hell with updates and taken the heat for that, as well as a wide variety of other screw ups. I’ve had people come right out and tell me they just didn’t like the comic, for a number of different reasons, and that’s awesome in my opinion. That’s why comics are so damn cool. If you don’t like this one there’s a thousand more out there you might like instead. Please, do not take this post to mean that I have thin skin or that I will have a fit and go off the deep end at the slightest mention of criticism because that’s so far from the reality as to be absurd. But if you do feel the need to criticize, please criticize with proper language usage, and actually have a salient point to make if at all possible. Whining at me because you THINK I’m doing something that I’d be well within my rights and actually SMART to do is not something I’m likely to understand or put up with.

Also, a HUGE thanks to everyone who has supported the Dynagirl Kickstarter thus far! We’re entering the home stretch and we really need folks to get the word out and support us if the comic strikes your fancy. We couldn’t do any of this without you guys!