So that was kinda weird, huh? Not exactly your normal update for damn sure! But I warned you we were gonna be doing something a little different, and so here we go! Harold and I talked and while we don’t even for a second entertain the idea of spilling all the beans just yet, we did want to give folks some answers to some of the questions being asked thus far, especially with regard to all the craziness surrounding the trip to Dinosaur island.

Why do it like this? For one, it’s a lot of fun, especially for me as a writer. I’ve been looking at doing a prose novel starring Dynagirl for a while now, and that’s still in the mix, but till I get the time to do that we thought it would be fun to give you guys a little writing heavy action to tide things over.  One of the challenging things about lettering this book is placement, meaning where to put all the text so I don’t cover up that kick ass art all the time! This way, we get to give you the full monty and still get all the exposition. It’s double the fun! Woo!

Also, it gives Harold a much needed break. He’s jumping into issue 11 with both feet, but while he’s a superhero of epic proportions, he’s still human and the dude’s gotta sleep sometime! So we’re using this interlude to give the guy a chance to catch his breath and get some art in the can so he’s not behind the 8 ball every single week. Additionally, we gotta get the new colorist acclimated, so that’s going to take a bit as well. And like I said, this is fun for me! So indulge me, just a little bit. I’ll make it worth your while, trust me.

And no, this isn’t some lame ass April fool’s joke. We’re running 6-8 of these updates and then it’s on to issue 11. So hang on tight and pay attention, we’ve got info to dole out here!