Hey folks! Sorry for the lack of updates, but things here at Red Handed central have been a bit hectic all the way around. We’ve had a bit of computer snafu, which has put us behind coloring wise primarily, but beyond that it wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t also managed to goof up the page schedule as well. *sigh* I do so love and hate computers in equal measure.

Additionally, those of us who are die hard Texas fans had some bad news this week. Bevo, the mascot for the University of Texas passed away this week after a brief illness. The connection there is, Dynagirl and Bevo have some history! We did a special print that was exclusive for one of the conventions we did a couple of years ago, in which Bevo appeared. It was a big hit at the con, and it’s always been one of my favorite pieces that Harold has done because it’s so playful and so very Dynagirl.

Anyway, the page is in progress and I’ll put it up as soon as it finalizes, no matter what the day. Coming soon!